concert schedule

so i am going to some/all of the following concerts in the near future, i figure i worked enough this summer to be able to go to all of these and music is awesome so yeah. if you want to go to any with me(except tool, that one is probably sold out by now), let me know.

mon aug 14 - treos/circa survive at the avalon
tues aug 15 - mae at the avalon (avalon two nights in a row? i should just sleep there)

wed sept 6 - ratatat at the middle east

thurs sept 28 - dragonforce at the palladium (FUCK YEAH)
fri sept 29 - tool at the tweeter center

whoah, those dates are mon, tues, wed, thurs, fri. HA!

in other news i just got back from florida and am done working for the summer. i didn't get my tutoring job that i thought i would for the fall so i am going to probably have to do some budgeting to see if i can still afford to buy a bike (i mean i really should). also we just got some new copper tree cds. i put the downpayment on these so the band owes me around 600 bucks, so it would be awesome if you bought a cd if you haven't yet.

school is starting soon and it should be a good year involving thailand, frisbee, phi sigma kappa and all that good stuff.

still working on figuring out what to do with my life. daniel quinn has a good way of fucking your perception of how our culture is all crazy. finished reading ishmael, my ishmael and the story of b. all amazing. YOU should read all of them.

that's all for now.


you sat along the fire

what a fantastic weekend.

where to begin. well i was asked by a now good friend of mine (though we have only met twice, i now consider her a good friend) to go to the veganest of pot lucks on saturday night, and that if i wanted i could go dumpstering with them on friday night to get some free food to cook. i was going to decline the invitation for friday night since i was planning on going to a frisbee tournament early saturday morning, but i couldn't get anyone to go with me for that so i ended up going ahead with dumpstering. that was pretty fun, hadn't ever done it before. got some great food at trader joe's. so afterwards i brought her and her friend to the good ol' phi sigma kappa where we hung out and played some pool. i then drove her home and went to bed shortly after.

the next day was spent mostly cooking with her (i offered to let her use our kitchen since its huge and we were cooking a lot of food). this was also fun. i made a lemon cake, which has some interesting stories behind it if you want to know ask me later, and squeezed some citrus for some juice. later i made a vegan pizza. the dough was premade but i made the sauce myself, and it was pretty damn good. the potluck happened around midnight and there was SOOOOO much good vegan food. it was amazing. i was able to invite some of my animal conscious friends to the dinner and they enjoyed themselves too. marty even got some people to sign up for some peta2 shit.

so that night was good, and today was mother's day. we went out to lunch at some south indian restaurant in billerica which was good. then we hung out and watched the united states of leland. my mom is cool, if you haven't met her you should some time.

that brings me to tonight, when i got to see sigur ros for the second time live. it was incredible again. not quite as good as the last time, but still amazing. it was outdoors in the rain and stuff (we were under a tent, but it was still pretty damn cold) but all in all a spectacular show. if you haven't seen them, make sure you do if you get a chance. i would place them close to the best band around right now.

well there is my weekend. i still need a job this summer. also looking for another summer fling, or maybe something a little more serios. last one turned out a little messy, but maybe it will go better this time. that is all for now. i think i am going to leave the livejournal world for a while. this summer will bring me to martha's vineyard and maybe colombia. if you are in the westford area, gimme a call or something. as of now, my summer includes playing frisbee, running (to get in shape for frisbee), writing music, getting better at both guitar and drums and improving my cooking routine (it is very limited right now). if you want to do any of those things or anything else with me i am probably down. peace livejournal. i will be back i am sure.

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tree journals

so for my philosophy class that i took i was required to do plant journals throughout the term. this meant that i had to go out and sit with a plant and write whatever came to mind. i had to type them out since my handwriting sucks hard. so i figured i'd post them here.

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well that was fun. anyways, i am in westford for the summer now. if you are too then we should hang out.


blackout ravi?

well, my classes got out last tuesday, and i guess i felt like drinking more than i have ever drank before that night since it was a pretty rough term. it started off fairly fun, though around 2 am i blacked out and i woke up, eventually, puking and sick.

this is very different for me. i have only drank enough to get a little buzzed maybe like 3 times in my life. i have never gotten really drunk. i started off last year being very against drinking altogether. the reason for this, was because i did not want to ever drink to the point of blacking out or puking, i thought that was the dumbest thing ever. i got more casual about it and told myself that i would just drink socially every now and then. this worked out for a while until last tuesday.

i am partly pleased that i got to experience this, since i guess it is good to experience things, but mostly disappointed in myself for letting myself get out of hand. some of my friends are like "yeah ravi! you got wasted!" others are like "wow, that kinda sucks" though i don't care about their thoughts nearly as much as i care about my own self respect. i am going back to not drinking at all until i can reevaluate my views on the subject.

in other news. today is RASTA at phi sigma kappa (11 dean st in worcester). it is 25 bucks at the door, for a party all day from noonish until around 3 am. i believe it is around 15 bucks if you come later than 8 pm. everyone should be there, it will be crazy. (i will be sober, obviously)

that is all i got.


i can see the light at the end of the tunnel

so school ends tomorrow for the end of the year. after tomorrow i will be halfway done with college. wow. this entry is a bit more optimistic than the last one. i feel better because of certain events that happened last weekend.

to start off, phi sigma kappa had a retreat last friday. it was amazing. retreats really make me realize how much i love this fucking house and how amazing all the brothers are. regardless of all the bitching and yelling that may go on during our stressed out WPI lives, we can chill and go out in the woods and sit around a fire and talk from our hearts. it was fucking great. i needed it emotionally, and our brotherhood needed it too.

fast forward to sunday. frisbee tournament. i don't know what got into me, but i was ridiculously intense that day. i was screaming at everything and running up and down the sidelines cheering my team on. mostly yelling curse words and craziness, the best was when someone said "hey ravi, yell something crazy" and i responded with "COME ON BULLETS (name of team) FUCKING KILL SOMETHING!" fun fun and we went 4-0 on the day. we beat Brown C, UConn B, Clark A and Hartford. Though it was the chumpionship bracket, we did at least prove we were the best losers out there.

i did not get voted captain. this was a surprise to me, i was fairly confident that i would be capitain next year, but the team did not pick me. it is probably for the best, i have a crazy year in front of me involving being vice president of my house and going to thailand.

anyways, these events really made me feel better. mentally they prepared my for my final two days of school. physically, they exhausted me, but its okay.

so it is now 11:41 pm. I have to write one more philosophy paper before i go to bed. this may take a while since i am slow with this kind of thing. however, come 3 pm tomorrow i will be done. i will go out and buy the new TOOL album that comes out that day, and I will sit and listen to it in its entirety without interruption. it will be amazing.

i am having dinner with my floor from last year tomorrow. it will be great to see us all together again. haven't seen some of those kids in a while.

i am anxious to see what this summer will bring. last summer was interesting, it had ups and downs all over the place. it looks like i won't have any kind of internship, and will probably end up working a retail job or something of that nature which kind of blows but whatever. i may go to colombia for a while, but i haven't decided on that yet.

so yeah, on another note, RASTA IS MAY 6TH. 6 live bands, food and bevarages included. the party goes from noon to like 3 am. the cover is 20 bucks in advance and 25 at the door. if you want to go let me know soon so you can get the discounted price. if you can't make it during the day, i think the price is discounted to 15 bucks if you get there after 8 pm. anyone who is even close to around here should be going, it will be of epic proportions.

that is all for now, hope to see you all in the summer (worcester and westford friends alike)

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not well

i have not written in this thing for a while. i would just like to state that i am not well. right now, at this moment, i feel all kinds of anxiety, anger, depression, etc. i have been single for over 2 years now, and i really don't fuckin enjoy it. i don't have a job for the summer, and if i were to put money on it, i would say that i won't have any kind of internship this summer at all. in fact, i will probably slack off in finding a shit job and end up not working again. this will result in a boring summer that will leave me without spending money for junior year. i have a major project class that i am taking that is not really going well. i have had a perfect 4.0 since i got to this school, and now my grade depends on two other kids who don't have the same strive for grades that i do. it is making me anxious and i would go into more specifics with you some other time.

i don't even have time to play music anymore. i am falling behind in my reading in philosophy, and i have yet to do my assignment for my music class (i really hope it isn't long). i am exhausted, stressed and pretty unhappy at this moment. i know that it will pass and i will be better eventually. come 5 weeks and i will be out of school. my grade in this fucking class will be what it will be and i probably won't care because it would be futile to do so at that point. but i don't know, i just felt that i needed to document that i am most definitely not well right now, and i could really use a hug or something.

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valentine's day

a drunk girl just licked my eyeball. it was very uncomfortable, however its the most action i have gotten in a long while. oh well, happy valentine's day.

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back to school

well im goin back to worcester soon (probably tomorrow, unless im feeling wicked lazy).

i learned a lesson tonight, dont get a bunch of people to request your band for fnx new england product. it doesnt work and pisses them off. we tried to get copper tree played and we asked like 50 people to request it. by the time damien requested it the guy said "let me guess... you want to request 'let me in' by copper tree? yeah you only need to call once and it is pissing us off." we only called once, but i guess that was a bad move.

in other news we are trying to write songs as a band for the first time really, and i think it will be a good product. it will take longer and be harder, but i think in the end the music will be better and it will be more fulfilling.

i didnt see too many friends over break. mostly just dave, anthony and damien. didnt see any of the old school besides dave. oh well, im beginning to feel like im breaking away from most people in this town, which i guess isnt terrible but i miss hangin out with some people, though it seems like a lot of people act like they are doing me a favor by hanging out with me, and i dont really need their charity.

i gotta work on the self-esteem thing so i can work on getting a girlfriend, i dunno i watched fargo and there is that scene with the asian guy who was lonely his whole life, i dont really want to end up like that. maybe i'm being too dramatic, but i've only had one girlfriend really and it has been like 2 years since, so thats not really good.

in other news, ive been writing some songs on guitar that i think i will make into full instrumental pieces where i play each instrument and maybe record it or something. im thinking about using these as a suffeciencey of some sort (WPI thing if you don't know what a sufficiency is)

this entry was a bit broken up and kinda long, but i dont write that often so its okay.

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new year

album of the 2005: the mars volta - frances the mute
movie of the 2005: sin city

there werent too many great movies this year, it wasnt very clear to me. i was also thinking of syriana and crash, but sin city was pretty sweet. as for albums, it was a close one between frances the mute and takk... by sigur ros.

i didnt get any drunken phone calls last night, i thought id get at least one. oh well.

new years resolution: girlfriend (same as last year, hopefully i do something about it this year)