the ravster (pearlmaster8) wrote,
the ravster

Life Update

Well I don't really like entries that are simply written for the sake of updating the world on what is going on in my life, but there are some significatn things going on right now so I want to document them.

College is done. I have finished my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from WPI with a Minor in Music. Cool stuff, so now what?

Well the original plan was to go to the Peace Corps and that is still in the works. I was nominated for a position in late January and I still don't know if I got in or not. If I do get in, I will be shipping out to Africa for 27 months starting in September, that is exciting and frightening.

The summer has started and I am in a weird state. I have lots of friends getting amazing jobs or preparing to start graduate school and I am just sitting on my ass. Waiting for the Peace Corps to get back to me. Finding summer work has been kind of weird so I have decided to perhaps wwoof for the summer ( and I plan to do this in Costa Rica. I have emailed a few farms and haven't gotten much of a response yet, but from what I hear most are pretty welcoming and I should likely leave half way through June for a couple months.

I am still fairly confused as to what to do with myself. I think I have figured out that in my eventual job I want to be outside and I know that I want to be helping better the community/world/society in some way. Still haven't figured out exactly what that is yet, but hopefully I will get there.

I am getting increasingly antsy about what to do with myself. Every day feels like a waste so far, but I don't know what to do. I hope I do not just end up settling for some crap job that I hate just to have it, but we will see where I end up. Engineering still does not look to promising (at least electrical engineering) for my life goals, but who knows?

That's all for now, hopefully I will find myself in Costa Rica or Africa and some kind of epiphany will dawn on me or something.

Oh yeah, PS the new Sigur Ros single is incredible, go check that out.
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