the ravster (pearlmaster8) wrote,
the ravster

Peace out 2007

So another year gone. This one contained my biggest nervous breakdown, an amazing trip to Thailand, some pretty significant life decisions and a fair amount of fun drama.

My picks for best movie and album.

Movie - Darjeeling Limited
Album - Bright Eyes - Cassadaga

I can't think of that many good albums from this year, they were all kinda so-so.

So here comes 2008, with it I will graduate college, hopefully start my time at the Peace Corps and play my final season of college ultimate. It should be a good one.

Resolution will be to try and be more positive in general. I tend to look at what is fucked up about everything and I should instead focus my energy into positive things and figure out what I can do to make the negative things better.

Also, I am going to keep up my healthy regimen of working out every dasy, eating correctly and sleeping enough that I was trying to do after I had my panic attack last term.

Let's see how it goes.

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