the ravster (pearlmaster8) wrote,
the ravster

Life Update

So I think it is time for a little update here. Life has been pretty eventful, confusing, stressful, amazing and pretty much a ridiculous emotional and intellectual overload for the past few months. First, let's start with where I want to be.

I have realized (as shown in past entries) that electrical engineering really isn't for me. This has been a long and tough realization to make, but it was made. So now the question is where to go from here.

I am not about to stop my progress on my bachelor's degree when I am about 7 months from completion, so that is going to happen, but what next? Well I see three major paths that I will deem acceptable in my life. These are my thoughts at this point, they may change come May, but here they are in order of most secure plan to least secure:

1. Go to graduate school for interdisciplinary environmental work
2. Go and do volunteer work (humanitarian and/or environmental) abroad somewhere (WWOOF, Peace Corps, other NGO's, something)
3. Be in a band full time

So grad school depends on whether I get in or not, I am looking at some programs on the West Coast (UC Berkeley, UCSB, Stanford and UColorado for right now). They are all pretty small and hard to get into (UC Berkeley, for example, admits 9-15 students a year and has average GRE scores of 650 Verbal and 740 Math). This is going to be tough, but I am not going to "settle" for grad school like I did with undergrad (no offense to WPI, but I only really went here because I had a full tuition scholarship, not because it is where I wanted to be), so I want to avoid applying to safety schools and whatnot and rather wait another year to reapply to the ones I want to go to. This is probably the option I will pursue if I get in, if not then options 2 and 3 come into play.

So WWOOF is something I heard about after meeting a girl in an airport who did it in New Zealand for 3 years after high school and she said all she used was about $5,000 for airfare and other small expenses. Living was paid for by the farms she volunteered at. This would get me some environmental experience that may look good for my application to the same grad schools the next year.

Being in a band, that would be sweet. Probably won't happen and isn't good for my overall goals in anyway. If the opportunity jumped at me, there would be no question that I would drop everything (after my bachelor's) and going and doing that for a while, however. Gotta live the dream if possible right?

So yeah, I am still kinda confused, a little more focussed though. I think I have a vague idea of where I will be in a while, let's see how it all pans out.

In other news:
Frisbee team is kicking ass. We won a tournament this weekend, that was the first time WPI has ever won a tournament since I have been here. I was not present for the second day of the tournament because of some family matters but it is still exciting, I can't wait for the spring season.

Copper Tree has a boatload of shows and though they are in familiar places they should still be fun.

MQP is taking over my life. I spend too much time on it and I certainly don't like it enough to warrant losing this much of my life on it.

I hate school, after realizing I don't want to major in this stuff anymore it is hard to motivate myself.

A good friend of my family died recently. I think this is the closest person to me outside of my grandparents who I have known to die. And I definitely knew him way better than my grandparents, this was kind of weird for me.

Girl situation: Don't know if I have ever been more confused. It's still good overall I think. For more details you can ask me personally about this one, maybe I'll tell you, maybe I won't.

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