the ravster (pearlmaster8) wrote,
the ravster

so long 2006

so i am now in india and will be going to thailand on january 2nd. there i will assist in creating an educational program for refugees at the bangkok refugee center. this will last until march 3rd, at which point i will be staying in thailand on vacation for a week before returning to the US.

the new year is approaching and this year has been pretty good.

- got halfway done with undergrad college
- first internship
- started writing music (see my previous post for what i have done so far)
- aubrey
- went to india
- finished ECE 2799 and PQP/ID2050 (probably the two most time consuming classes i will take as an undergrad)

so i am not sure when i will have time to do this, so i may as well do it now.

Best Movie of 2006 - Little Miss Sunshine
Best Album of 2006 - Tool-10,000 Days

some other good ones:
Movies - The Fountain, Snakes on a Plane (seriously most fun i have ever had at a movie theater)
Albums - Mars Volta-Amputechture, Tally Hall-MMMM

also, i think i started watching both Scrubs and Lost this year, both of which have taken far too much of my time, but are excellent.

can't really think of a new years resolution, finally accomplished the one i had from the last two years.

that is all for now, see you in 2007.

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