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so last night i went with a bunch of people to see ratatat. i, in fact, organized a group of around 12 to go. when we get to cambridge, aubrey realizes she forgot her license (18+ show). basically they don't let her in and i decide to stay behind with her. later we get a call from one of my brothers, marty, who recommends that we just draw black x's on our hands and smudge some green ink on our right hand to look like a stamp. we say, what the hell, lets try. it worked beautifully and we saw the show. it was a good time.

got home at 2:15 am, then had to get to bed quickly to wake up for frisbee at 5:30 am. so i am on 3 hours of sleep right now.

moral of the story, don't forget your ID, but if you do don't give up right away.

also, aubrey is awesome so that makes up for it.

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